Why we do what we do

With Small Business Saturday upon us, I am both disappointed and excited.  At first I thought I was feeling a little manic from all stress I’ve been under.  Why would … Continue Reading →

Get out the Kleenex, this one’s a gusher

What is Family?  What does it mean to you?  One of my fondest family memories is from a holiday party when my Uncle Lou showed us a dice game he … Continue Reading →

Highway to Hell

When I was in fourth grade, we had a new section of class dedicated to what they called “Self Esteem.” It was a fairly new concept, illustrated by pasting googlie … Continue Reading →

Am I a Fish, Or a Penguin? Maybe a Camel.

Where do I fit?!   I know that this is one of those over-played eternal questions, keeping psychiatrists in business and Lincoln Tech and DeVry Institute very busy, but it … Continue Reading →

Let the Rhythm Take Control

Music is something that I have always loved.  I remember the first cassette tape that I bought when I was about 9.  It was Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club  Band … Continue Reading →


I know what you’re thinking

As I have recently revealed myself as a Sci-Fi child, I will fully own it.  My family (especially the men) enjoys an ongoing love affair with all things science (fiction) … Continue Reading →

multi-colored model to show movement capacity

Cut, Paste, Print.

My new obsession is the 3-D printer.  Again, look it up on YouTube.  This shit will seriously blow your mind.  You can literally scan your face and make a scale … Continue Reading →


Look out!

I have two younger brothers in their twenties.  Neither of which possess a driver’s license.  I also employ more than a few twenty-somethings who couldn’t care less about receiving their … Continue Reading →

Yabba Dabba Doo!!!

Well I was surprised  to hear that the  debate was still raging on the theory of evolution.  Well, maybe it’s not  so much a debate anymore, and probably not so … Continue Reading →

Rapunzel, Rapunzel!

Hello.  How are you?  I know its been a while, but I’ve been busy. No, that’s a lie.  I’ve had writer’s block.  I was writing fast and furious-like and then … Continue Reading →